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Stellers Gallery offers complimentary consultation and installation. You can depend upon our expertise and experience to facilitate this process.

Whether hanging a poster or an original painting, showcasing artwork properly will ensure the highest level of enjoyment for the viewer. Site selection, framing, installation, and lighting are all important factors to take into consideration. Smaller pieces tend to show better in small or intimate spaces, so that they can be viewed up close. Large pieces typically require larger or more open settings to be fully appreciated. Always keep the proportions of your room, walls and furniture in mind to ensure that the artwork neither overwhelms nor goes unnoticed in your space.

Most paintings should be displayed at eye level, which can be achieved by hanging the center of your artwork 60” above ground level. Keep in mind that this may not always work when hanging over a mantle or a piece of furniture. The artwork should be in proportion and symmetrical to the item you are hanging over: about 6” to 12” from the base is usually a good distance. There are no real rules as to what is right or wrong- trust your instincts and your taste. Observe how art is displayed in other homes, as well as in galleries, museums, and even in magazines. If you prefer to have someone help in your installation, please feel free to contact the gallery.

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