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Gallery Services / Artwork Restoration

Stellers Gallery will help make sure that your artwork is professionally restored by a skilled specialist. The gallery recommends Charlotte E. Ashford, private practice conservator and owner and president of Art Conservation Solutions, Inc. in Jacksonville, FL.

ACSI offers a variety of conservation services, including:

  • Surface cleaning of paintings, paper, and art objects to remove environmental stains, grime, nicotine and aged varnish
  • Stabilization of flaking or loose paint by facing or site injections of conservation adhesives
  • Correction of torn, warped, buckling or distorted paintings by lining, replacement of damaged stretcher or strainer bars and restretch of canvas
  • Restoration of paint loss by inpainting with conservation paints, pigments and mixing mediums
  • Protection of paintings post cleaning with conservation varnish
  • Repair of damaged art prints and documents
  • Deacidification and mold remediation of paper using fumigation, chemical treatments and archival sprays

Estimates are available by drop off at Stellers Gallery or by appointment with the conservator. All jobs presented will require a physical examination of the piece before an estimate can be offered. If interested in art restoration services, please contact the gallery.

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