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Introducing the Artwork of Denise Choppin

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Posted by Lauren Heller of Stellers Gallery at Ponte Vedra Beach on

Category: New Work


Denise Choppin began art study when she was six years old and has been making art in one form or another ever since. She creates works of art to invoke the power and beauty she finds in the natural world. Rather than attempt to recreate faithful representations of the objects or scenes that inspire her, she focuses on evoking their essential emotional content. Recent works explore the dynamic tension between representation and abstraction to capture this evocative essence. Choppin lives and works in Tallahassee, FL.

Stellers San Marco to become Scott Riley Art Consulting

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Posted by Alyssa Richardson of Scott Riley Art Consulting on

Category: In the News

September's issue of Arbus Magazine featured an article by Meredith Tousey entitled "A Stellar Next Chapter." In the article, Scott Riley, owner of Stellers Gallery San Marco, announces that he is commiting fulltime to being a traveling art consultant and artist's representative. This transition will prove to be an exciting time for both Riley and Hillary Tuttle, owner of Stellers Gallery at Ponte Vedra. The two native Jacksonvillians look forward to many more years of championing great artwork and talented artists.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hanging Art

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Posted by Hillary Tuttle of Stellers Gallery at Ponte Vedra Beach on

Category: Art Installations


Hanging art properly is a must if you want to take full advantage of your investment. In this step-by-step guide we will teach you how to properly place and hang art.

  1. Measure the distance between the wire at full tension (B) and the top of the frame (A). See image below.
  2. Measure the height of your frame (C) and divide the result in half.
  3. From the floor, measure up the wall to 58" (average eye-level) and make a pencil mark.
  4. From the mark, measure upward the distance recorded in step 2 and make a second light pencil mark (E).
  5. From this mark, measure downward the distance recorded in step 1 (D).
  6. Place nail and hanger here. Make sure that the bottom of your hanger is resting on the line when you hammer your nail in, rather than the nail point. This is where your wire will rest (on the crook of the hanger).

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Art Terms

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Posted by Jon Livingston of on

Category: In the News


Puzzled by a specific term. Here are some popular art terms and definitions.

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Introducing the Artwork of Casey Matthews

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Posted by Lauren Heller of Stellers Gallery at Ponte Vedra Beach on

Category: New Work


The artwork of Casey Matthews is a direct outgrowth from her life events and past remembrances.  She is interested in structure, energy, mood, color, and the enduring relationships among them. Through a unqiue mixed media process, her intention is to create rich surfaces that are visually intriguing with expressive colors and organic shapes, leading the mind's eye on an aesthetic journey throughout the emotional process of transformation and desctruction.  Matthews has called the Southeast her home for over 20 years and currently resides in Fernandina Beach, FL.

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