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Worley Faver

"The universe has many lessons to teach us if we will be calm and listen." Worley says, "I find clay is a portal to expandng my spiritual ties to the earth and all creation." A line fronm the story of his favorite epic hero Odysseus, "All art is laughter to relieve us from life's griefs" ratifies his belief in the therapeutic benefits of art.

Worley's unoqie designs are mainly derived from his dreams and early morning meditation sessions. His hand-building and polishing techniques, akin tothose of the Anasazi Indians (pre 14th century) assure that each one will be different.

Worley has been an artist since his early childhood, hoping to one day express himself through watercolor or oil paint. Yet something was lacking, then he was pointed in the direction of three dimensions. With Worley's first piece of pottery his ideas and dreams took their true form. 

His tools... a smooth stone for polishing, a Virignia walnut for texture and his hands. Worley may use 25 pounds of clean Georgia Red clay to make one large pot. 

Ancestry, 5,000 years old, is present in this earthenware...generations before wheels and glaze. 


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