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Sabre Esler

Sabre Esler

Sabre Esler’s work covers an astonishing range, including figurative compositions, landscapes, cityscapes, and still life subjects. With her palette knife in hand, Sabre works quickly “to try to capture the energy in that certain moment.” Her vivid palette, impasto textures and expressionist spirit result in energetic canvases that reflect a sense of joie de vivre.

One of Georgia's most exciting emerging artists, Sabre's works are cutting-edge and fresh, yet classically familiar. Greatly influenced by the American Expressionists, Sabre knows the importance of line and the energy and spontaneity it brings to a painting. She is successful in her quest to achieve the most impact with the least amount of visual effort.  Sabre loves texture and achieves it in novel ways, from carving through layers of paint on the canvas to integrating gauze strips into her compositions. A lover of poetry, she has also incorporated the written word into many of her paintings. “The words are my little exclamation points when I paint - what I was thinking about at the time.”

Sabre’s work is showcased in galleries throughout the country. Her goal is to connect emotionally with her viewers through her unique use of color, texture and form.

Artist’s Statement

I find the idea of harmony emerging out of chaos a compelling current condition for our human experience. Those living in the civilized world are constantly inundated with data and must deal with an increasingly frenetic way of life. All of the clutter from “chaos” in my mind and ultimately in human kind’s mental collective mind…I want to wash it all away with harmony and order and describe mental pureness [in my paintings]. The lack of control of dripping paint seems perfect, in a way, to begin to tap into the randomness of chaos in our lives and the human experience of learning to "go with the flow."

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