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Kristin Cronic

Kristin Cronic

I am a fine art painter born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. I left after high school to serve in the Navy, studying Naval Architecture at the U.S. Naval Academy and serving 6 years driving ships and managing ship maintenance contracts as an engineer. I chose the Navy  over art school because I had two dreams, and one was “now or never.” It’s a decision that has informed my art in unique ways.

The past decade of my life has been all about taking risks, exploring the unknown, and experiencing change- throughout this constant change, I’ve taken an interest in the things that root me, especially to a specific place. The St. John’s River, those ancient live oaks…. They were such strong motifs of my childhood and they were there, seemingly the same, when I came back. They acted as an anchor, and possibly a yardstick. Returning to them made me realize how much I had changed.


Characterized by exploration and risk, my work expresses clarity after returning to baseline.  Gestural marks, immediate color, and extreme perspectives describe subjects of hope in the midst of oppression or uncertainty. Often reflected in my work is my personal journey of discovering the sufficient love of Jesus Christ when earthly assurances fail.

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