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Emma Bell


British born artist Emma Bell graduated with a degree in Business and Marketing and lived and worked in Manchester, England as a Marketing professional for over ten years. During this time she quenched her desire to paint during her spare time and weekends.

Emma has evolved from a family of artists and has been greatly encouraged and inspired by artistic influence all of her life. In 2009, a move from the UK to Atlanta GA with her husbands job, meant she was able to take to her brushes and pal- ette knife more permanently and turn a lifelong hobby into a prospering career.

Emma, wife and mother of two young boys, finds inspiration for her paintings all around her. She loves to paint beautiful things that make her feel happy.

Emma's work is predominantly influenced by flowers as well as bright, bold and beautiful colors. Her work has developed from a traditional and impressionistic floral style, to a more abstract and free format. Whilst creating very loose layers of acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel and graphite on the canvas, her work still holds shape, texture and form of florals, producing her unique and distinctive style.

I was greatly influenced as a child by my great grandmother who was a land- scape painter. I loved to watch her create her ‘constable’ inspired works. I also sat for hours with my grandfather, who's family were very artistic and creative. I can remember sitting in his sunroom sketching the vast hills and meadows and the odd little farm house we could see from the windows. We also used to play in the garden and study the flowers.

I have painted flowers for as long as I can remember, I find them fascinating and utterly beautiful. Flowers have such a huge but fragile significance in life. I feel sad that they live for only a fraction of time. I watch the magnolia tree in my gar- den bloom and within a day, the once robust, white petals are wilted and tarnish- ing to a pale brown. I feel the urgency to capture their beauty on a canvas.

Emma is happy to paint similar to previously sold items on request as well as commission paintings.


Emma also has a full range of paintings available as museum quality giclee prints. 




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