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Christina Foard

Christina Foard

"Although my background training focused on classic and gestural figurative work, I have remained most curious and engaged by painting imagined worlds through abstract forms. Patterns in land, space, memories and the interior stirrings that form are what I attempt to depict. Many paintings are my interpretations of sliding, falling, floating, sinking, hanging, being trapped or breathlessly still.

Painting has been a pathway to open and react to memories; and when necessary, reframe and resolve them. Highly process oriented, my work is physical: pouring, spraying, sanding, scraping, carving paint at various stages and drying times, rhythmically moving between additive and subtractive methods. Every mark changes the entirety and creates a new puzzle to resolve. Therefore, I vacillate between analytical assessment and intuitive response. Letting go of controlled outcomes and a fixed plan is a constant in my philosophy. Taking risks with materials allows for surprising results and unplanned spaces, and over time, a specific language of symbols emerges. This affords a freedom to create my story without words."

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