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Barbara Fisher

Barbara Fisher

Transforming interior states in a visual language has always been the inspiration for my paintings.  An intuitive approach and long time interest in the idea of the Collective Unconscious can be seen in all my work, as images appear and recede and take on different meanings to each viewer.  She is inspired by Carl Jung who wrote, “In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order”.  The work is sometimes contemplative, sometimes active, always dynamic.

Each painting hints at a narrative based on the interaction of energy, ideas, matter, memories and other elements.  The paintings are made up of fragments of thoughts, gestural marks, and scribbles – hovering in undefined atmospheric spaces, sometimes facing off.  These encounters might be happening inside a brain, inside a supercollider, or under a microscope. The Tangled Mapping paintings are complex but contemplative, chaotic but orderly, light and airy though layered.  The images bring to mind aerial, city or transit maps. 

Barbara Fisher was born in New York City, educated in Colorado and California, and lived for many years on the West coast before settling in Asheville, North Carolina in 1998.   Her work has been shown throughout the United States and can be found in the collections of Bank of America, Capital One, Western NC University Art Museum, the Asheville Art Museum, First Charter Bank, Bank of America, National Institutes of Health and many other corporations.

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